Completion September 2018


SL Band 300, Pharos control system, SLePAR 180 RGBW

IES – The Lighting Society
Lighting Design: Award of Excellence

The aim for this iconic and historic Adelaide theatre was to install a LED lighting system to imitate the original lighting system that had been installed in the building at its inception in 1926.  Via the use of LED floods we were able to add a complete DMX control system, and backlight the plaster coffers with heritage program (soft pastel colours) but also have the option to use bright coloured options to suit all varied types of music concerts.

Through a process of testing we found that 2000lm 26 deg RGBW flood penetrated through the coffers to create the desired effect. We then established that three fittings were required per bay to light each coffer homogeneously.

The position of the fittings were also exceptionally critical to the lighting effect through the coffers hence a specialised bracket system had to be designed to facilitate mounting to avoid the existing structure in the ceiling.

The result is a magnificent lighting show through the ceiling and coffers with no visible light fittings.

This bespoke system can be linked into the existing control desk or be operated by the touch screen so it can be integrated into the complete theatre experience.