Completion 2021

ARCHITECT: JPE Design Studio


PHOTOGRAPHER: Pixel Collective

PRODUCTS: Bilton CT01 Profile, Bilton HT01 Profile, Bilton 900 Ledflex, Bilton 1300 Ledflex, Karizma Luce Dea Amata S Downlight, Energyline 75H Profile, Energyline 65 Profile


As a fitout and refurbishment specialists, Shape are able to deliver exceptional office spaces to their clients every day. So when it came to designing and building their new home base in Adelaide, it had to reflect their commitment to high-quality craftsmanship, seamless delivery and the best in workplace design.

A crafted, homey and welcoming feel was created with a soft, warm material pallet which was enhanced by the lighting.

The lighting design team identified the function of different spaces within the fitout;

– The kitchen and entry area utilises natural light whilst providing task lighting in the required areas.

– The work space has a minimum of 320 Lux on the desk with great uniformity provided by the up lighting which has a ceiling wash optic for even distribution. The louvers create great visual comfort and the rounded endcaps aesthetically tie in with surrounding architectural elements. The up lighting is 2000 lumens per meter which is higher than the down lighting element.

– Joinery lighting at the rear of the office space creates a sense of depth and interest

– LED strip accent lighting is used to boost overall lighting levels and create a soft atmosphere whilst creating a sense of scale

– Minimal downlights were used in the space but the theme of visual comfort was continued where they were required by using deep set LED’s. The printer area and quiet rooms used this style of light for bright, focused task lighting.

The fitout is 5 Greenstar Accredited – the lighting played an important part by being efficient, dimmable for additional credits, RoHS compliant and the LED strip accent lighting is made from eco friendly PVC.