Completion 2018

ARCHITECT: Ashley Halliday



Delta Light Supernova Line 12583 Down-Up DIM5 W / Inlite Deep Starr IP44 Downlight + Hero Eco Engine / Delta Light Momba Down-Up LED Exterior Wall Lights / Inlite Tuba II Track Spots / Maxilito LED 6400lm 51w 30k 25° Black


From an engineering viewpoint, the intent with the lighting to the new Kangaroo Island airport was to enhance the passenger experience within the terminal by providing good levels of illumination to the space and a high-end feel, given the new terminal is the gate way to the Island and will be the first experience visitors will have.

This has been spectacularly achieved by providing a lighting design that enriches the passenger arrival and departure experience compared to the existing terminal, by providing a lighting design that enhances the architecture of the building and does not distract or clutter the space. This lighting system is highly energy efficient and provides a low level of required maintenance.

In the design, the main passenger departure area is illuminated utilising suspended pendants that provide an even level of light with good visual comfort without dominating the space. The feature lighting has been utilised throughout the terminal to highlight key features such as check-in counters, art and architectural features. The terminal itself has achieved the desired high-end feel, with specific modern architectural fittings within the passenger occupied areas rather than install a more traditional arrangement for the space.

From the architect themselves:

“Consistent with ‘Brand Kangaroo Island’s’ message and core values, Ashley Halliday created a strong, authentic and charismatic identity for the new terminal by foregrounding and enhancing the terminals relationship with its unique natural setting and making the terminal a popular destination and brand ambassador in its own right.

The Kangaroo Island Air Terminal is more than a regional air transport hub, it is a unique world-class cultural venue. More than a landmark, image or icon, it is the product and instigator of dialogue – interaction and exchange between people, with the terminal and its breathtaking natural setting. The new air terminal at Kingscote introduces regional ‘citi-flyer’-type aircraft to service Kangaroo Island creating a paradigm shift and uplift in visitation and freight movement – measures that are critical to the island’s future prosperity as a national tourism icon and quality producer.” – Ashley Halliday –