Completion April 2020

ARCHITECT: Cox Architecture



Insight custom profile design including led bulbs

Her Majesty’s Theatre was regarded as the finest theatre in Australia for many years once it opened as part of the Tivoli circuit in 1913. It is now the last surviving Tivoli theatre in the country and is an important part of Australia’s theatrical history.

Cox Architecture was appointed by the South Australian government in 2017 to design the $66 million redevelopment which was done with a stylish melding of modern architecture whilst maintaining the integrity of the original heritage design.

The audience and artist experience has been redefined with state-of-the-art lighting and sound technology making it a world class theatre which from the upper levels provides stunning views of the surrounding arts precinct and Adelaide Hills.

Insight Lighting Solutions was engaged to supply/ design a custom mounting system and coordinate the install of the entry canopy lights. This intricate detail consists of 465 dimmable LED bulbs and 175 meters of custom mounting extrusion which seamlessly fits within brass panels that accentuate the shimmering of light and gives patrons a glamorous first impression into the theatre.