Completion May 2020

ARCHITECT: Hames Sharley

ENGINEER: Lucid Consulting

PHOTOGRAPHER: Trim Photography

Dea Ceres M, Dea Concordia M, 50 Greenstar Led Slot System Ho, Dtc-Tr – Profile, Pds4-Alu Profile, Revel Dot Led, Maxi Ring Dot Led, Ambient Ring One, Slm26H – Profile System, Diver W5 Crystal, Ollo Wall Light – Opal White, Viola Custom Wall Sconce


The bespoke lighting design for Finlaysons was a collaboration between Insight and Hames Sharley where the client’s vision required some of the fixtures to be custom built.

The Pendant overhanging the kitchen bench was required to be recessed into the custom structure with a continuous strip of light running around the base of it that provided some unique solutions for this to evolve.

It was also essential that the bespoke Viola Calacatta marble wall sconces for the lift lobbies to match the floor plates. Insight designed the fittings so it would have a soft ambient glow surrounding the marble and be pleasing to the eye from all directions.

The spatial design is a split mix of open plan workstations and private offices. Multi-functional boardroom and varying collaborative break out spaces, that saw the Finlaysons move to the two floors of the Uniting Communities building come at a time of generational change in business ownership and after being in their existing office for many years with minimal change.

The design outcome reflects the variety of their services that stretches from taxation to space law. The extreme sensitivity of much of their work continues to dictate confidential cellular offices, some of which will be shared. A larger percentage of open plan will support the partner offices that have in part been pulled away from blocking the façade, views and natural light. Collaborative work settings are intended to draw people together when not involved in high focus detailed work and this strengthening of information sharing will help to further enhance Finlaysons’ reputation for excellence in legal training. The central kitchen offers a warm residential environment creating comfortable surroundings for people who typically work very long hours and this has been carried through to the client suite acknowledging that some meetings will involve clients engaged in complex and stressful negotiations.


Track lighting was designed to run through the lift corridor, reception space and hallways. A variety of different magnetic light fixtures were used for the respective spaces to provide enough lighting for the various functions of the spaces.

The boardrooms were designed with timber slats in the ceiling where Austube profiles were fitted at various lengths to provide comfortable lighting, where if a central partition was to be opened at any time, the profiles would line up.

The Kitchen space required simple pendants to provide lighting over each of the tables, as well as beautiful Australian handblown wall lights to provide feature lighting over the booth seating.