Completion December 2018



Aus 80 Greenstar Square IP
Bilton – X-Line Platform including IP67 RGBW ledstrip


One of the main aims of this project was to upgrade the lighting levels along the passenger drop off and pickup roadway and circulation spaces to comply with the required lighting levels. Aside this key requirement, the lighting design enhances the passenger drop off and pickup areas, and provides a feeling of greater safety, comfort and way-finding.

The lighting to the roadway was upgraded using LED road lights to comply with the Australian standard, that recommends that for an indoor carpark the lighting levels entering and exiting that carpark will be brighter for the first 150m, and lower thereafter, with the night-time operations for the entry and exit road to be consistently lower.

The existing passenger circulation space and lift lobby areas located alongside the passenger drop off and pickup roadway was compliant with the recommended illuminance levels, but appeared low due to the large contrast in light from the outdoor space and the covered area under the carpark, due to the illuminance levels in the space feeling gloomy, uninviting and under lit. The proposed lighting design for the space addressed this issue by raising the illuminance levels and the uniformity of light within the space. By increasing the lighting levels within the space, passengers will feel the space is safer and visually more comfortable, and will give a more opulent feel than the existing lighting design provides.

This lighting design was broken up into key areas to be able to deliver a lighting design that actives the key design criteria for the project.

The lobby lighting is made up of six LED extruded rectangles and these rectangles are hung at different heights within the lobby space to create a layered lighting effect. With the lighting levels in the lobby are deliberately higher than the surrounding pathway and road, this gives the space a higher profile than all of the surrounding spaces and draws passengers towards the area.

The pedestrian pathway has been illuminated utilizing IP55 LED extrusion to create a continuous ribbon of light with the intent to draw passengers towards the lobby area.

The canopy has been illuminated around the outer edge with a coloured LED strip light that extends the entire perimeter of the canopy and the light will have the ability to colour change and match the AAL branding colours. Without a doubt, this is the signature feature of the lighting for the project.

The AAL welcome sign mounted to the facade of the existing carpark was required to be illuminated from an external light source, and this has been achieved by installing wall grazing LED uplights fixed to the existing canopy. The light is thrown up the wall and produces contrast and depth to the sign.