From when he first became the director of Insight Lighting Solutions in 1998, Michael has been promising himself an annual leave day.

When he’s not busy helping his clients achieve an intricate custom lighting installation you can find him getting barrelled in some of the finest 2ft waves the mid coast of SA has to offer or chasing farm animals around a paddock in the middle of the night – just to clarify, it’s his farm.



With a trade and project management background spanning over 10 years, Jason made the change to lighting 4 years ago and is our resident Tech IES lighting designer and consultant.

He quickly realised doing one thing is barely enough, so balances his days by renovating, travelling, taking photos, having a good meal (no seafood though) and a glass of red- all whilst rock climbing.

His role with Insight is merely a guise to find others who will go rock climbing with him to hold the entrée.


Mikki often drags sand and sawdust through the office on a Monday morning after an action packed weekend of long walks on the beach and furniture restoration.

She found her passion for cooking when she worked in the stressful hospitality industry and honed in on her attention to detail as an antique dealer before she decided to make the change 2 years ago to the relaxing and soothing role of project coordinator at Insight.



Rachael fills in the blanks.  If there’s an empty glass on a Friday night, filled.  Spare time to herself, then with her two young kids, time filled.  A lack of knowledge in the office for something we used to do, or should do, knowledge filled.

After 10 years in the industry, her list of skills is as broad as it is amazing, spanning Project Management between here and Cambodia, and interests ranging from Photography to Criminology.  


As a practitioner of Historical European Martial Arts, Tal is a knight by night and a mercenary in the Insight workshop and warehouse by day.

For the last five years he’s been responsible for constructing and executing some of our renowned bespoke lighting installations all whilst inflicting horrible injuries on his opponents on the battlefield….. during re-enactments of course.